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  • Advance Registration Deadline now August 31

    The deadline for advance registration has been moved to 2018 August 31.  After August 31, abstracts for unpaid registrations will be dropped from the schedule and Abstract Book and the registration fee will increase by $200. Read More

  • Register for Satellite Meetings

    To register for any of the satellite meetings to be held at the conference hotel, use the standard SAS2018 registration form.  Some of the satellites have a registration fee which covers the expense of the coffee break(s). Read More

  • Visa Contact Information

    When applying for a US Visa to attend SAS2018, the information you will need about your US contact is available on our website.  See section US Contact Information for Visa Application on this page: … Read More

  • Presentation assignments posted

    Presentation assignments (both oral and poster) are now available on our web site.  See: … Read More

  • Abstracts deadline has passed

    The abstracts deadline has now passed and we are now beginning to organize the sessions. Our abstract process is not automated, acknowledgment may take a few more business days.  You should receive a letter from the conference acknowledging your contribution by title and assignment of … Read More

  • Abstracts deadline extended to 2018-04-16

    The deadline for submitting an abstract has been extended to April 16. You may submit more than one abstract but only one abstract will be selected for oral presentation.  In exceptional circumstances, the organizers may choose to grant you more than one oral presentation.  … Read More

  • Registration is now open!

    The link for registration to attend SAS2018 is now open.  Please visit this page.  Early registration deadline is August 6.  Those who have submitted abstracts must register by this date to have their abstracts included in the conference book and scheduled for presentation. Read More

  • Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

    SAS2018 is committed to a diverse and inclusive conference that fosters collaborative scientific discussion and interchange.  Please see our complete statement on diversity and inclusion for further information. Read More

  • Note about Abstracts and Registration

    You do not have to register before you submit an abstract.  However, for abstracts to be scheduled (either for a presentation or a poster) and to appear in the SAS2018 Conference Abstract Book, registration must be completed by the Advanced Registration Date: 2018-08-10. also note: … Read More

  • second meeting notice

    SAS2018 Conference poster … Read More