IgorPro Daily Drawing

SAS2018 is pleased to offer a daily drawing for all attendees of the conference.  You must be present when your name is called to win the daily drawing.  Wavemetrics has offered five full licenses for its IgorPro, version 8 software.  A drawing will be held each day for one license.

The winners of the IgorPro licenses are:

Monday Brian Collins
Washington State University, USA
Tuesday Kunlun Hong
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Wednesday Judith Witte
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Thursday Wojciech Roseker
DESY, Hamburg, Germany
Friday Emilie Mahieu
Institut de Biologie Structurale, Grenoble, France


Eligibility for the daily drawing will be determined from the conference registration records.  Previous winners of the daily drawing at SAS2018 are not eligible to win again.  The conference organizers and other attendees from Argonne National Laboratory are not eligible to win.  Each day of the conference, a list of names is picked by computer random number generator from the eligible names.  At a time to be announced at the conference, names will be read in sequence from the list, until a winner comes forward to accept the prize.  You have about one minute to respond before the next name is read.  Good luck!

IgorPro Daily Drawing Sidebar