IUCr Journals Prize

The IUCr Journals Prize is awarded for the best student lecture. The prize will be a Journal of Applied Crystallography open-access voucher and a certificate as the IUCr Journals Prize.

We are pleased to announce that the 2018 IUCr Journals Prize is awarded to:

Andrew Robert McCluskey
University of Bath, UK
presentation SOF-2:

pylj: An Open-Source Python Library For Teaching The Interaction Between Molecular Simulation And Scattering.



The IUCr Journals Prize will be judged by all conference attendees using the star rating feature of the conference Mobile App.  Eligibility for the IUCr Journals Prize will be determined from responses to the conference Demographic and Eligibility survey.  The winner will be selected by the conference organizers as the top rated eligible oral presentation with the most votes.

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