Poster Prizes

SAS2018 is pleased to offer prizes for the best student and young scientist posters, sponsored by Polymers, an open-access journal.

We are pleased to announce these winners of the poster prizes at SAS2018:

First Place

Ingo Breßler
BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Germany
poster PST-159:
SASFIT, MCSAS and Beyond: Prospect of Complementary Tools for SAS Data Analysis

Second Place

Pratibha Mahale
The Pennsylvania State University, USA
poster PST-152:
Investigation of Structure and Order in Silica Opals and Semiconductor Inverse Opals Using SAXS

Third Place

Alex McGlasson
University of Cincinnati, USA
poster PST-168:
Construction of 3D Models from USAXS on Aggregate Structures


The Polymers poster prizes will be awarded in the Thursday afternoon awards session.

• First Place $500

• Second Place $300

• Third Place $200

Award cash will be sent directly to the winner’s bank account after the conference. Conference will connect Journal with the winners.  Winners are responsible to provide Journal with suitable bank information needed for money transfer.  Any applicable taxes and fees are responsibility of the winners.

Poster prizes will be judged by all conference attendees using the star rating feature of the conference Mobile App.  Eligibility for the poster prizes will be determined from responses to the conference Demographic and Eligibility survey.  The winners will be selected by the conference organizers from the top rated eligible posters with the most votes.

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