SAS2018 is still open for poster abstracts.

We have some advice/guidelines for oral and poster presentations and for session chairs.

Instructions for Submission of Abstracts

E-mail Submission

E-mail submission is the only method to contribute an abstract to SAS2018.  The email address to submit abstracts is [email protected] with the subject line Abstract Submission

(For all other communication with the conference, use this email: [email protected])

There is no submission fee, but the deadline and the submission guidelines will be strictly enforced. Please read the instructions below before beginning your submission.

Overview of procedure

  1. download the abstract template
  2. rename that file (to make it unique)
  3. edit the abstract template
    Abstract Information Page
    Abstract content
  4. make a PDF file from the finished document (info page and abstract)
  5. submit it by email
    to: [email protected]
    subject: Abstract Submission
    attach: PDF file
    attach: source file (optional)

Conference Language

The conference language is English.

Abstract Due Date

All abstracts are due 2018-04-16 by email: [email protected]

Abstracts submitted after the due date will be accepted for poster presentation only, except at the discretion of the conference organizers.

For abstracts to be scheduled (either for a presentation or a poster) and to appear in the SAS2018 Conference Abstract Book, registration must be completed by the advanced registration date, 2018-08-10.

Abstract Submission Fee

There is no abstract submission fee.  For abstracts to be scheduled (either for a presentation or a poster) and to appear in the SAS2018 Conference Abstract Book, registration must be completed by the advanced registration date, 2018-08-10.

Abstract Template

All abstracts for submission to SAS2018 must use the format described in the abstract template (Microsoft Word DOC, PDF).

Abstract Book

The SAS2018 Conference Abstract Book will be available online and will be assembled directly from the submitted PDF abstracts of registered attendees.


The presenting author must be listed first.  Do not enter information that you do not wish to appear online or in print such as home address or personal e-mail address.

You may submit more than one abstract but only one abstract will be selected for oral presentation. In exceptional circumstances, the organizers may choose to grant you more than one oral presentation. This decision will be made in a few months from now.

Invited Presentations

Abstracts for invited presentations must be submitted in the same manner as those for contributed papers and are subject to the same applicable deadlines.

Abstract Information Page

The Abstract Information Page, as shown in the abstract template (Microsoft Word DOC, PDF), must accompany the abstract submission by email.

Abstract Formatting

Details of the requirements for abstract formatting are provided in the abstract template (Microsoft Word DOC, PDF).

We require to submit your abstracts as PDF attachments to your submission email. Your PDF may be returned to you to resolve any formatting or font issues. You may also attach the source (Word, LaTeX, Open Office, …).

Program Booklet

Titles and presenting authors of abstracts will appear in the Program Booklet.

Proofread your abstract before you submit it

Carefully check the proof of your abstract. Make sure all special characters and formatting are displaying properly, that the authors and affiliations are listed in the proper order, and that no information needs to be changed. Print or copy for your records, if desired.  Please note that once an abstract is finalized and submitted it can no longer be edited.

Acknowledgment that Abstract is Received

Acknowledgment that your abstract has been received will be sent by e-mail. Please note that if you do not receive an email message your abstract has not been entered into the database.

The submission process is not automated. Acknowledgment of your abstract(s) may take a few business days. Email us if you have any questions.

Presenting Authors

Presenting authors will be notified of their final abstract number, session name, date, time, and room assignment approximately in the weeks prior to the meeting. This information will also be posted on the SAS2018 web site.  Details of the format for posters will be provided later.

Further questions

As always, if at any point in the submission process you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact the SAS2018 abstract administrators: [email protected]

SAS2018 is committed to a diverse and inclusive conference that fosters collaborative scientific discussion and interchange. Please see http://sas2018.anl.gov/program/policies/ for further information.

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