Presentation Guidelines

Advice for oral presentations, poster presentations, and session chairs.  The conference has no official template for presentations or posters.

Guidelines for Speakers

  • Bring your own laptop for your presentation.
  • HDMI or SVGA connector will be accepted. Bring your own video converter if you have other technology.
  • A pointer will be provided.
  • Take note when your talk is to be presented.
  • Before the session, introduce yourself to the session chair.
  • Adhere to the published conference schedule.
  • Most oral presentation assignments are for 20 minutes.  Plenary speakers have 50 minutes.  Other assignments as posted.
  • Allow time for discussion after your presentation (for assignment of 20 minutes, allow 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion).

Guidelines for Posters

  • Space available for each poster is maximum 4 foot by 4 foot (maximum 120 cm by 120 cm). Do not exceed these limits.
  • Take note on which day your poster is to be presented.
  • The poster room will be available all day before your session to put up your poster.
  • Put up your poster only in your assigned space.
  • Remove your poster immediately after the poster session is done.
  • Posters left hanging after the session ends will be taken down and may be available at the SAS2018 Registration desk.
  • Any posters unclaimed by the closing of SAS2018 will be disposed.

Guidelines for Session Chairs

  • Arrive at your session during the preceding break so speakers can find and introduce themselves to you.
  • Before the session, identify each speaker is ready to present
  • Introduce the session
  • Start each speaker as scheduled in the program.
  • Assist speakers with the audio-visual equipment as needed
  • Introduce each speaker by name, affiliation, and title of presentation
  • Keep the session on schedule
  • Advise the speakers when they have 5 minutes remaining.
  • Guide the discussion after the talk
  • Have a question ready if none come from the audience
  • If a speaker does not show up, have an open discussion on topic or leave this time vacant.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected!
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