SAS2018 brings together between 400 and 600 Small Angle Scattering experts from across the globe to Traverse City, Michigan for a one-week exposition.


Many thanks to our sponsors:

Exhibition Schedule

Setup is on Sunday during the day. Empty space is available starting Sunday morning. Tables become available Sunday noon. We suggest exhibitors staff the tables Sunday before the Welcome Reception which will happen close to the exhibition space.

Exhibition is Monday – Wednesday and ends Wednesday afternoon. Exact times are not yet available. If needed, items can be removed on Thursday during daytime.

day date morning lunch afternoon evening
Sunday 2018-10-07 exhibit set-up
(open space)
exhibit set-up
(tables available)
exhibit set-up
(exhibition optional)
Welcome reception
(exhibition optional)
Monday 2018-10-08 opening session
(exhibition open)
(exhibition open)
poster session
(exhibition open)
Tuesday 2018-10-09 sessions
(exhibition open)
(exhibition open)
poster session
(exhibition open)
Wednesday 2018-10-10 sessions
(exhibition open)
free time
(exhibition open)
IUCr/cSAS open meeting
Thursday 2018-10-11 sessions
(exhibit tear down)
Awards, SAS2024 bids
(exhibit tear down)
Friday 2018-10-12 sessions closing by noon

To become a SAS2018 sponsor:

Sponsorship document (PDF) and forms

Send completed sponsorship registration to: [email protected]

Triple Table Display – $8,000 (no longer available)

  • First-choice selection for table location (*)
  • Placement in Sponsor section on website
  • Sponsor-provided materials to be included in participant handouts
  • ad placement (two US Letter** pages) in program book
  • Includes six (6) conference registrations

Double Table Display – $4,000

  • Second-choice selection for table location (*)
  • Sponsor-provided materials to be included in participant handouts
  • ad placement (one US Letter** page) in program book
  • Includes four (4) conference registrations

Standard Table Display – $2,000

  • Third-choice selection for table location (*)
  • Includes two (2) conference registrations

* Dependent on power requirements and other needs.
** ad size: US Letter (8.5″ x 11″) or A4 scaled to fit US Letter, provide as PDF or image file

Other Amenities Other Sponsorships

Wi-Fi will be included for all exhibitors.

Lodging, power, and additional services will be invoiced by the resort directly.

Please inquire for more information regarding other sponsorship opportunities, including coffees, luncheons, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can exhibitors attend the sessions using our exhibitor badges?
A: Yes. There is no special badge for exhibitors. SAS2018 exhibitors will have the same type of badge as participants. We would like to have exhibitors also presenting (good scientific) presentations!

Q: Do exhibitors have same registration privileges as regular participants?
A: Yes. Exhibitors are a very important part of the community. We want them in the talks, at the lunches with participants, at the banquet.

Q: What is the cost for additional exhibitor badges and what is included?
A: The standard registration fees apply for additional registrations.  Likewise, all badges include lunches, refreshments, and also the SAS2018 Conference Banquet.  Additional registrations (beyond those listed above) should go through the standard registration process.  Additional banquet tickets (for those not registering for the conference) will be available for $90.

Q:  Do we need to register before we submit an abstract?
A: No, abstract submission  does not require registration. For abstracts to be scheduled (either for a presentation or a poster) and to appear in the SAS2018 Conference Abstract Book, registration must be completed by the advanced registration date, 2018-08-10.

Q:  What exhibition company are you using?
A: The Grand Traverse Resort will provide support for exhibitors.  Their forms are available from the Sponsorship document (as provided above).

Q:  What is single exhibitor space and are tables always provided?
A: Single size is 10 x 8 ft2 (3 x 2.5 m2), double and triple are 2x and 3x larger, you can request table or empty space as you need it.

Q:  What is the deadline for materials to be included in the conference book?
A: The deadline for sponsor materials for including in the PDF conference book is September 15.
All conference materials will be in PDF form (*), except for sponsor-provided materials distributed at registration and a small schedule-at-a-glance handout. These materials must be provided as editable PDF files (not PDF scans).

(*) We will publish the conference book as a PDF published from our web site. We have also contracted for a mobile application to provide the same content during the conference. We do not intend to provide a paper copy of the conference book.  Vendor materials should be suitable for web publishing.

Q:  What is the size for PDF (*) materials?
A: US letter – 8.5″ x 11″ (Other sizes such as A4 will be reduced to fit US letter).

Q: Is a map of the exhibition space available, showing booth assignments?
A: see this graphic (still in draft)


If you have any more questions, please, ask. Thank you for the feedback.

SAS2018 is committed to a diverse and inclusive conference that fosters collaborative scientific discussion and interchange. Please see http://sas2018.anl.gov/program/policies/ for further information.

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