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  • It’s now SAS2022

    Formerly known as SAS2021, the next international conference on small-angle scattering will be SAS2022.  See their web site for full details:… Read More

  • Welcome to SAS2018!

    Welcome to SAS2018!… Read More

  • Bid for SAS2024

    Please visit our SAS2024 Bids page to view the bid we have received to host SAS2024. Read More

  • Register for leisure activity by Sept 19

    Remember, the deadline to register for Wednesday leisure activities is September 19. Also, we are checking to see if they have an email address to send the completed forms as an alternative to the stated FAX number.   Also, if you have not responded… Read More

  • Accompanying persons

    Accompanying persons who would like to participate in small group activities outside of Wednesday afternoon should contact Marlea Smith ([email protected]). Read More

  • Demographics and Prize Eligibility survey

    We ask all SAS2018 conference attendees to complete an 11-question survey before the conference opens on Monday, October 8, 2018.  Start from this page.  It should take about 2 minutes to complete the survey. Current survey results for the conference attendees are… Read More

  • Advance Registration Deadline now August 31

    The deadline for advance registration has been moved to 2018 August 31.  After August 31, abstracts for unpaid registrations will be dropped from the schedule and Abstract Book and the registration fee will increase by $200. Read More

  • Register for Satellite Meetings

    To register for any of the satellite meetings to be held at the conference hotel, use the standard SAS2018 registration form.  Some of the satellites have a registration fee which covers the expense of the coffee break(s). Read More

  • Visa Contact Information

    When applying for a US Visa to attend SAS2018, the information you will need about your US contact is available on our website.  See section US Contact Information for Visa Application on this page:… Read More

  • Presentation assignments posted

    Presentation assignments (both oral and poster) are now available on our web site.  See:… Read More